5 things to consider while choosing images for a design

1. Purpose or emotion

What kind of images would be effective for a website/app? To answer this question, think about the primary purpose of the page.

Campaign for a luxury car
Campaign for a family car

2. Nature of the brand

There are two types of approaches:
A. Explicitly displaying the product itself
B. Showcasing the benefit/experience received by the product

Approach “A” — Marketplace or eCommerce website banner
Approach “B” — Brand website banner

3. Target audience

How effective would it be if you came across a pack of shaving cream with a picture of a boy who’s hardly in his early teenage? Or how would about a western model’s picture posing on a flyer for an Asian cuisine restaurant? You are probably going to think “What a mismatch!”

On a side note, we do have exceptions 😬

4. Theme, colors & tone

Color is a very powerful tool to touch the emotions of the website visitors. It creates a physical and emotional reaction of the viewers and is able to carry a concrete message to the visitors. When it comes to expressing emotions and attracting attention, color is the essential means. Besides that, the brand personality also plays a very essential role in defining the theme for the website.

Sports wear
Ethnic wear
Premium casual wear

5. Tech specs

Quality in terms of required resolution, size of the image and preferably its orientation for the intended usage, effective composition and cropping of the photo to draw attention, and properly exposed subjects on the photo.

Original image — high resolution
Resized variations


JPG: Use this in most cases! This file type is good for saving images with millions of colors, including photographs and graphics with a variety of shades and gradients